Thursday, March 27, 2008


So it snowed up on Grubb Street yesterday. Not much, just enough to stick on the grass and give everything a nice frosting. It did not reach the lowlands which are just as gray and green and marshy as they ever are in March.

But as a result of this, the Lovely Bride and I got into a discussion of how high we were, as in elevation. She pulled her topo program and I hit the Internet, and we found that the corner was at 489 feet, and in addition the nearby "summit" of the ridge, labeled "Snow" is 513. So when you hear "snow levels down to 500 feet, well, that's us.

The cause of the cool temperatures and white stuff is a Low pressure system parked off the coast of British Columbia, churning cold wet stuff out. Which is not horrible - if it was WARM wet stuff, the massive snowfields in the mountains would go all at once, and flooding would be a definite danger to the lowlands.

I think I'll be comfortable with the snow.

More later,