Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spectrum of Excellence

Spectrum is an annual art show and published art book featuring the finest fantastic art of the previous year (and by fantastic, they mean fantasy, science fiction, and comics). It is a submitted, juried award which produces a volume of the finest art of the year. This year is Spectrum 15, and includes no less than eight ArenaNet artists will be honored by inclusion in the show and volume. They are:

Richard Anderson
Matt Barrett
Daniel Dociu
Jaimie Jones
Jason Juan
Kekai Kotaki
Jason Stokes
Doug Williams

In addition to inclusion, art director Daniel Dociu took both the gold and silver medals for the Concept Art category. This is high praise, and if you check out his site, you see he deserves it.

It is really cool to work with excellent artists. It is even cooler when the rest of the world realizes how good they are.

More later,