Monday, April 14, 2008

Comics: Eagle

So at our semi-irregular poker night, it came up that Girl Genius was up for an Eagle Award. The Eagles are British fan awards for comics, and have been around for practically forever - my first exposure to them was when the early Byrne/Claremont X-Men carried a "Winner of an Eagle Award" blurb on the cover (And that was probably a lot of other Yanks first exposure to themas well).

Anyway, I was surprised that a) The Eagles were still with us, and b) That they had advanced to the point that web comics are included (Gods, I feel ancient writing that). Most of the nominees are British or Brit-style comics, and some understanding of the current comics universe is helpful. But it turns out that two other regular strips PVP and Order of the Stick, were also on the list for webcomic. That's really nice to see them get the attention, so congratulations to all the nominees.

But go check out the ballot here and vote for Girl Genius, anyway. I said last week that it was the best of the group, and I stand by my statement.