Friday, April 25, 2008

On The Road Again: Road Elves

I am going to sound horribly ungrateful here, but would it be possible to leave ONE route from my house to my job that isn't under construction?

I know, I should be appreciative about the large amount of road repair that's been going on all winter, often in difficult circumstances. I come from Pittsburgh, which is legendary in regards to the depth of its potholes and the non-responsiveness of its pothole-fillers (Many, many years ago, a local station ran a "Pittsburgh's Deepest Pothole" contest - The winner was one that went completely through a bridge deck and 100 feet further to the ravine below).

And Seattle and WSDot have been positively PERKY about road repairs, ranging from restructuring the exit at Coal Creek Parkway to replacing drains along Lake Washington to widening I-405 in Tukwilla. And then there are teams of what I can only describe as "Ninja Road Construction Elves". They are there one day, with their florescent orange witch hats, rodeo clown barrels, and Stop/Slow paddles, and the next day they are gone, leaving only a patch of hardening asphalt and an appreciative community.

But I have four ways off the hill, and the standard commuter's bag of tricks with back ways and access roads to get to work, and for the lifeof me, this past week, ALL of them have had construction on them. I went from plan A to plan B to plan C, and each day, there was a closed lane and the industrious fury of the Road Elves.

Like I said, I'm trying to make their lives easier and find alternate routes so they can get a much-appreciated job done (so always drive safely when they're working). But they GOTTA leave at least one exit free. Right?

More later,