Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Primary Results

For those of you that care about such things and DID vote, here are the early results for the recent primary:

The King County executive race will play out pretty much as expected, with crypto-Republican Susan Hutchinson against Progressive Dem Dow Constantine. The problem Ms. Hutchinson faces is that while she was the lead vote-getter, while Constantine went up against a bunch of Dems and did pretty well.

Position 9 on the King County Council will be incumbent Reagan Dunn against Beverly Tonda. The only thing that made me blink was that only 75% of the vote went to the well-known, well-financed incumbent. I mean, he was the only guy with yard signs. Perhaps one of those non-existent political parties in King County should get around to running a candidate and things would get REALLY interesting.

Also lopsided was Anne Ellington's victory over Robert Kelly in the Court of Appeals, Div 1, Dist 1. Serves Mr. Kelly right for creating all those Sentinels to hunt the X-men.

The Port will be Rob Holland versus David Doud for position 3, and Max Vekich versus Tom Albro at position 4. OK, that's good. You know you're going to hear more later on this one..

Kent School District is close enough to be considered up in the air. Tim Clark got 50% of the vote, and the remainder is evenly split between Dale Smith and Dave Watson. That will have to sort itself out.

That's it for the locals. Over in Seattle, they decided that they LIKE plastic bags (someone should do an analysis to determine how much the American Chemical Association paid per vote in the end, and how that stimulated the local economy - and by "someone" I mean "not me"). Mayor of Seattle is also waiting for final ballots, and it seems that Incumbent Greg Nickels may actually not make it to big dance. Third terms are tough. Third terms when your street gets plowed and mine doesn't are even tougher. Just sayin'.

More (as always) later,