Monday, July 02, 2012

Bits and Pieces

So you may have noticed that the ol' blogstead has been a wee bit empty for the past few weeks. Part of that is sheer exhaustion from the relentless promotion of my first Star Wars novel, but much of it has been stuff going on with both the personal life and the day job. And if you've been following stuff about the day job, you know its just going to get busier for the next couple months.

But there are a couple quick things in passing I would like to mention:

In regards to the Star Wars novel, there's a really solid review on the Star Wars Action News podcast. Most of the show is dedicated to discussing Star Wars toys and collectibles, but the review kicks in around minute 53:30, and while spoiler-lite, it really gets down into the characters and their motivations. Cool.

Also, Zak from Playing D&D with Porn Stars (an accurate description of the site, so its tucked behind an adult filter, though it mostly talks about games and gaming), had a conversation with me and Cam Banks, who is the design of the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying from Margaret Weis Productions. Its a pretty good brackets of old school and new age superheroic RPGs.

Also, I posted an essay on Booklife on the similarity and differences between shared-world and "traditional" novels. When I wrote it, I felt that some of my thinking was still a bit mushy. On rereading it about a month later, it holds up better than I had first thought, but merits further discussion and refinement.
Yes, That's Matthew Moore and Mike Z in the background.
AND I gave a brief history of myself over at Meet the Gamers, a cool little site that posts gaming questionnaires to the mighty and the mild of the gaming profession. Worth checking out.

Oh, and I have this picture of me with a DeLorean. Yes that's a hoverboard. Yes, that's a stuffed Rytlock by the flux capacitator. Yes, I'm holding a copy of Ready Player One. Yes, that's a tale for another time, when I get a chance to tell it.

But more about that later,