Friday, July 27, 2012

Political Desk: Judicial

There are bunch of Judges up for election this time around, and as a general research I recommend the Voting for Judges site to get a feel for the candidates as well as endorsements and money raised. If a judge gets over 50% of the vote in the primary, then that judge is given the position.

STATE SUPREME COURT POSITION 2; Susan Owens. This space has endorsed her before and just about everybody is endorsing her again.

STATE SUPREME COURT POSITION 8; Steve Gonzalex, who, like Ms. Owens, is getting major recommendations

STATE SUPREME COURT POSITION 9: This one has a wrinkle. Richard B. Sanders was a Supreme Court Judge who lost his election two years ago, but is still hanging about wrapping up old cases, so he is still on (or at least near) the court. (This may be really what happened to Mitt Romney, who stepped down from his job and then took three years to clean out his desk). Sanders is a bit of what you call "a character" but has some name recognition. Better, however to go with Bruce Hilyer, though both Mr. Ladenburg and Ms. MeCloud are no slouches in the strong recommendations department.

SUPERIOR COURT POSITION 25 has three good candidates. I am going with Elizabeth Berns, who is getting high marks from both the Stranger and the Times, yet seems to have cheesed off someone at the King County Bar Association.

SUPERIOR COURT POSITION 29 has Sean O'Donnell picking up a huge number of endorsement. OK, I can be swayed.

SUPERIOR COURT POSITION 20 has Doug North with the experience.

SUPERIOR COURT POSITION 42 finds me actually listening to the Stranger's logic (which is a sentence I never expected to write) and going for Sue Parisien.

SUPERIOR COURT POSITION 46 wraps us up with two candidates who's credits practially glow, according to the Vote for Judges site. Both Judy Ramseyer and Gary Ernsdorff are very good and very well matched. I'm going to go for Gary Erndorff, but this is one of those cases where you can't get a bad result.

So, we're done? Not quite. There's one more.

More later,