Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Hat Squad

The interesting thing about PaizoCon last weekend was that I didn't even plan on showing up.

The Secret Masters of TSR
No, really. I've been kind of busy (and ignoring this blog), and while someone at Paizo had sent me an email about the panel, either I did not respond or I missed a memo or something, so I had forgotten about this local convention over in Redmond. And I was cool with not going, until Wolfgang Baur mentioned at our Fourth of July game day that I was sitting on a panel with him (because I HAD told him I would do this, and he remembered I had told him), and there was a meet and greet at a local pizza place and I was in the program book and he had already got me a badge.

Got me a badge? Local con? OK, I'm in.

And it was a good con. Larger space, and though some of the gaming was forced outside in tents, the weather was thankfully wonderful. In addition, there was the Redmond Farmer's Market right next door on Saturday, which had among other things great sausage subs and fresh duck eggs.

So I did my panel (on Midgard, by the way) and was on my way back to work when I ran into Stan! and he said "Jeff! We're going to be on the Secrets of TSR Panel!" And I said, "I'm not listed as a panelist." and he said, "Neither am I! Let's go!"

So we crashed the panel, with Dave Gross, Rob Lazaretti, Pierce Watters, and Wolf. And, the thing of it is, when we got there and the panel started, all the others looked at me and I suddenly because the moderator for the proceedings.

And the filmed results are here, with some off-screen comments from Lisa Stevens. And while there were a few personal tales told out of school (I think we forgot we were being taped), it was pretty good.

Oh, yeah, the hats. Totally accidental. Dave has worn that style of hat for years at public appearances. Ditto Stan, though primarily in the summer. I had picked up my hat a few weeks ago at the Fremont Solstice Parade. It's not like there's a conspiracy or anything.

Really. No conspiracy. I'm serious about that.

More later,