Monday, July 22, 2013

The Political Desk: Chevy to the Levy

The last official thing on my ballot is the King County Proposition No. 1 Parks Levy, which feels like a repeat, since there ALWAYS seems to be King County Proposition, and it is always No. 1, and it often involves funding out parks. It is the electoral version of an Eagles farewell tour- even if we like it, we keep seeing it come back.

And I've gone on about this sort of thing before - THIS they let us vote on. It is the cute bunny of the budgetary items, because it is after all, for the parks and recreation and the zoo, after all. And no one hates the zoo, right? It feels like I'm being approached by Jimmy Fallon on one of those credit card commercials, and I'm the little kid in the jumper who comically says no.

Well, I don't say no - though I feel like a soft touch whenever I get to this part of the ballot. If you hate taxes, parks, cute bunnies, laughing children, and freedom, you should definitely vote NO, but I'm going to bite the bullet, take the tough stand (yeah, right), and recommend APPROVED on this one. But I am going to be a grumpy cat about it.

More later,