Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Political Desk: The Rest of King County

So, I get to vote for the King County Exec, but I don't get to vote in the primary for either of the two positions for King County Council that have three+ candidates. This is because a few years ago, we switched from at-large positions (where a candidate has to appeal to everyone in the county) to district positions (where a candidate only has to appeal to those in his/her district).


District elections, top-two primaries, "preferred" political parties. I swear I am just one more bone-headed move away from getting my Mossback card and being allowed to complain about how nice Seattle was before all these Californians moved up here and raised the housing prices.

On the other hand, I have come to like our mail-in elections, so there's that.

Anyway, King County Council, where the primary will get rid of one of the challengers who will face the incumbent, who is better known anyway. We have two races here (neither of which I can vote on, but you've probably heard about that).

Position 1 has a relatively young incumbent, Rod Dembowski, who was chosen to fill out previous incumbent Bob Ferguson's term when he ascended to be Attorney General. He gets good marks from the usual suspects, has a slew of endorsements (including Bob Ferguson), and according to his write-up in the guide, wants to protect the environment, fund transportation, push health care, reduce crime, and increase transparency. Naomi Wilson wants to push health care, fund transportation, and improve social services. John Fray wants to protect the environment, fight for veterans, likes Patty Murray, and quotes Al Gore. I'm going to say that Mr. Fray will not be the Next Food Network Star King County Councilperson, and that, long-term, Rod Dembowski will get a full term.

Position 9 has Reagan Dunn as its incumbent, and he'll go on to the general, which is kind of a pity, since he's had a hard time making meetings, and shows up to vote against anything that even hints at effective revenue increases. He's got good hair and a known name (his mom was a moderate Republican in the days before you had to put air-quotes around the word moderate) and was beat up by Bob Ferguson when he ascended to be Attorney General, so you'll see him again. Shari Song is a reasonable challenger, who is running as not being Reagan Dunn, and has a fistful of solid endorsements. Kristina Macomber is also a newcomer, and while she identifies herself as being the only Democrat in the race, most of the Democrats have endorsed Ms. Song. Ms. Macomber will likely have to leave Masterchef kitchen be eliminated in the primary, and Position 9 would be well-served to consider Shari Song.

Next up, the Port!

More later