Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Political Desk: The Jeff Recommends

So, to sum up. In this lackluster election primary, there are just a few things to vote on up here on Grubb Street. The reasons and general complaints are elsewhere in the blog. Here's my take:

King County Proposition No. 1 Parks Levy - Vote Approved, but go ahead, grumble about it.

King County Executive - Dow Constantine, with no one as a second choice.

Port of Seattle Commissioned Position No. 3 - Stephanie Bowman, with Michael Wolfe as a second choice.

City of Kent Council Position No. 6 - Bailey Stober, with Ken Sharp as a second choice.

Kent School District No. 415, Director District No.5 - Three-way tie with Bruce Elliot, Carmen Goers, and Maya Vengadasalam. (Don't let anyone tell you I'm dictating your choice, here).

Sadly, I am not involved with the Seattle Mayor Contest, which looks like it will be the most amusing of the lot, but as we say up here on Grubb Street, More Later.