Monday, August 19, 2013


Much to my own surprise, I will be actually showing up for some conventions in the next month. I am not much of a convention person - I tend to make them local, mostly, and show up when, like a vampire lord, I am invited in. I always have this nagging feeling that I should be working. But here are a few I want to bring to your attention:

Land of the Devs
I am going to be a PaxPrime, August 30 to September 2, mostly as a civilian (I will be helping out with ArenaNet for a few things). As a bonus, I will be part of a panel at PaxDev, which runs before PaxPrime (August 28 and 29). We'll be talking about writing and character building for MMOs, and I will be joined by Daneen McDermott from Tera, Andy Collins from Marvel Heroes, and Corey Herndon from the upcoming Wildstar game. Come check us out if you're part of the PaxDev track.

Grandcon, I say. Grandcon!
And, to my complete shock, , I will be in the midwest September 20-22, for Grandcon. in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is new convention, and I've been recruited in part due to the efforts of fellow Ex-TSR creative (and fellow guest) Steven Schend, who now lives in the area. As a bonus, some of the other guests include some old friends I haven't seen in a long while - Tracy and Laura Hickman, and Ed Greenwood (we still chat in email, but it just isn't the same at all).

So yes, I emerge from my lair to actually TALK to people, every so often.

More later,