Thursday, August 08, 2013

The Political Desk: Wrapping Up the Primary

I know what you're thinking - hey, it's Thursday, and the elections were held on Tuesday. where the heck are the results?

Well, we have a thing out here in Washington State where we have mail-in ballots, with the due-date of election day. That means that ballots could be coming in for some time, and close elections may hang fire for a while before being decided. Early margins may close, leads may expand, and all sorts of other things. What this does mean is that the numbers you get on Tuesday night (when the votes that have come in so far are counted) are indicative but by no means decisive.

And I like this system, even though it may mean a lack of completion on election day itself. And because I think it has the advantages of encouraging voting up to the last moment and including more of the population, no doubt someone is out there seeking to change it. Such is the nature of the politics in Wash State.

Anyway, for those paying attention, here are the results so far.

King County Proposition No. 1 Parks Levy - Approved

King County Executive - Dow Constantine, with a massive lead (75% of the vote) over Alan E. Lobdell

Port of Seattle Commissioned Position No. 3 - Stephanie Bowman vs. Michael Wolfe.

City of Kent Council Position No. 6 - Ken Sharp against either Bailey Stober or Barbara Phillips. This is what I am talking about with elections being a waiting game, as all of 44 votes separate Mr. Stober and Ms. Phillipse.

Kent School District No. 415, Director District No.5 -  Bruce Elliot vs Maya Vengadasalam.

On the one I am not voting on (Seattle Mayor), it will be Ed Murray against Mike McGinn. Mr. Murray is the establishment candidate that is running from the outside, and in his victory speech, seeks to bring "both liberals and moderates together", which probably made every conservative west of the Cascades look longingly at Spokane. For his part, Mr. McGinn finished second, which is considered a victory in the crowded field, and is the radical progressive outsider despite being the incumbent.

Pass the popcorn on this one. It's probably going to be the most interesting race of the season.

More later,