Thursday, August 22, 2013

Guild Wars, Too

It's been a year? Already?
So, we're coming up on the one-year anniversary of Guild War 2's release, and there are a lot of things to note.

The big one is, starting tomorrow, we are running a free weekend. Yep, free. If you've heard the chatter about the game, read the glowing reviews, or had to put up with friends posting beautiful screen shots on their Facebook page, this is the chance to take the game out for a spin.

Secondly, if you've been wondering what we've been up to for the past year, take a look at this fan-made infographic HERE.Yeah, that's a lot of stuff for one year

Thirdly, we can announce that, according to an independent marketing firm, we are the fastest-selling Western MMO in history. That's pretty cool.

Fourthly,Saturday at PAX Prime here in Seattle, we're going to be doing a big party, one which starts in the afternoon with our first invitational tournament and wraps up with a party. Last year's was a complete zoo, so I think we have it under control this time. I think. We ALSO have a lot of the staff speaking at PAX Prime and PAX dev on various subjects.

Fifthly (or Sixthly), we are in the midst of a our "Clockwork Chaos" living story, where the higher-level areas are invaded by the twisted creations of a new big bad, Scarlet Briar.Go have fun!

Lastly, one of the big initiatives we have been undertaking has been launching in China. We are working with a distributor named Kong Zhong, and had a huge success at the big gaming convention, China Joy. Plus, they've put together a web site where a lot of our talent talks about the game, including Ree. Plus they animated everyone, and it's really cute (though be wanted, it is graphics-intensive and sluggish).

Is that enough? Yes, that's enough.

More later,