Thursday, October 24, 2013

Commercial Break

Breaking from the non-stop political coverage on this blog, I'd like to take a moment to talk about other stuff that friends and colleagues are up to with this newfangled Kickstarter thing.

Bruce Cordell and Monte Cook have successfully funded a new game using the popular Numera system. The new game is called The Strange and is currently wracking up the stretch goals.

Tim Brown  has just attained the funding levels for Dragon Kings, a union of games, art, and music, which is a thematic descendant of his earlier work on Dark Sun (and yeah, I'm going to write a bit for it).

Lester Smith is doing Cthulhu Haiku.II, a collection of horror poetry and short fiction. Yeah, horror poetry. Make a SAN check on that one.

AND I am currently reading the pdf of my first funding of a Kickstarter: Islandsof Ignorance, the third Call of Cthulhu Companion. Excellent stuff here, and I'm looking forward to my hard copy.

More later,