Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Political Desk - Any Port in a Storm

Ah, the Port of Seattle. Usually this is a hive of scum and villainy, good for scandals and vandals. This year, not so much. Yes, we had Rob Holland (who this blog endorsed) stepping down after getting nicked for abusing  a Port-authorized credit card to the tune of $3K for personal uses, but that is almost quiet for the Port. Most of the Port news over the past couple years has involved their concerns about yet another sports stadium going up North of them, and the possibility of teaming up with local rival port Tacoma for better coordination and to stop undercutting each other.

The Port is (on paper) a non-political office, but here’s a tell – check out the endorsements. Usually you can find most of the Dems on one side and most of the Reps on the other. An endorsement from failed gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna? Yeah, you might want to avoid that guy, though people do grow in office.  So here’s what we got.

Position 1 – Pete Lewis versus John Creighton. This is interesting. Eight years ago this blog cast a baleful eye upon Mr. Creighton for getting a lot of cash from the Republican side of the aisle. Now, he’s getting top marks from the Sierra Club, labor, and a slew of Democrats,  and it is his opponent who’s getting the endorsement from McKenna and the Seattle Times. I’m going with JOHN CREIGHTON on this one.

Position 2 – Courtney Gregoire versus John Naubert. This one bugs me because I hate the idea of politics as family business, and Ms. Gregriore is the daughter of former Governor Gregoire, who I like, but still there’s the principle of thing. Plus the fact that as an old guy I am resigned to vote for someone who is named Courtney. But the fact is that she’s got experience in the area and has strong labor and enviro endorsements and actually has a functioning web site. Plus she gets an Outstanding from the Muni League, which may be excessive, but pushes me in her direction. Go with COURTNEY GREGROIRE for this.

Position 3 – Stephanie Bowman versus Michael Wolfe. Ms. Bowman has had the job since April, and comes well recommended. Mr. Wolfe comes out of the travel industry (and yeah, the Airport is a port). I’m going with MICHEAL WOLFE but can perfectly understand if you would prefer Ms. Bowman.

Position 4 –Tom Albro versus Richard Pope. So, Tom Albro. Incumbent, pro-business, kinda conservative, endorsed strongly by the Seattle Times (which is usually a warning). But also effective, aggressive, and competent. Yeah, he’s got an Outstanding rating from the Muni League, but he ran the Muni League for a few years. But he has also been strong on reforming the Port and pushing for transparency.  So yeah, TOM ALBRO.

More later,