Monday, October 21, 2013

The Political Desk - King County Elected Positions

Only three elected positions in King County this round. One of them (Sheriff) doesn’t even have an opponent, the county-wide one (Executive) is a bit of a blowout, and even the local one for our district (#5, to replace Julia Patterson) is a bit of a walkaway. But, let us be complete.

Dow Constantine blew out his opponents in the primary, and looks to do so again. And for good reason – he’s been competent and solid in his first term. If you reward politicians for doing a good job, he’s done it. His opponent, per his web site, has been endorsed by the King County GOP and the Auburn Chamber of Commerce, with “Verbal Support” from the “Tea Party”. So good luck with that. Vote for DOW CONSTANTINE for King County Executive.

Andy Massagli, who is running for Julie Patterson’s seat here in 5th, is in a similar situation –  also endorsed by Republicans and not given much of a chance against Dave Upthegrove. But Mr. Massagli comes across as pleasant, rooted, grounded, has a sense of humor and is generally nice (his wife wrote his piece for the Voter’s Guide, and while I don’t think it was effective, it was nice. Mr Upthegrove comes out of the legislature with a host of endorsements, and gets an Outstanding Rating from the Muni League. That’s a lot of positive firepower, so vote DAVE UPTHEGROVE. (Yeah, I could make fun of the name, but with my moniker, I’m going to get away with it) but I want to watch Mr. Massagli for the future.

More later