Friday, January 20, 2006


Yes, the Workstorm has abated a little (I am starting to think of Friday as my Saturday, since I spend Sunday in preparation of Monday), but instead of talking about that, I want to go into the Washington State Quarters Three designs have been chosen as finalists, which are, from left to right, Pretty Lame, Kinda Lame, and Kinda Cool.

Pretty Lame is the one on the left, your standard grab-bag of state images thrown into a mixmaster and thrown against a map of the state (Just in case you forgot what it looks like). A salmon, an apple, and Mt. Rainier. Definitely put together by a commitee to not offend anyone, and typical of the bulk of bad designs we've seen on the quarters (so there is precidence for it). I'm really curious if Wyoming (the Box State) and Colorado (The Other Box State) are going to go for the state boundaries look as well.

Kinda Lame is the middle one, which reduced the number of images (Rainier and salmon) and at least has some idea of a illusion of depth of the viewing plane. Still, its an animal and a natural feature, which other states can do as well.

Kinda Cool is the third one, a pacific NW tribal presentation of an orca. I like this because it is a single image, but also because I think it will also give the coin a particular feel to the touch (The Connecticut quarter with its Charter Oak does the same thing - I think this is a great coin). Yes, I have examined quarters I've pulled out of my pocket when they feel different - most of the unique state quarters just get pushed into the coke machine without a second thought. This one is stylistically different from the rest of the breed, and will stand out like the flag of New Mexico always stands out among the cluttered calvalcade of other flags.

But that's my vote. Scarlett is running her own poll, in case you're interested.

More later,