Saturday, January 21, 2006


There is a problem with the freelance life: Half the job is getting the job. Half the job is doing the job. And Half the job is getting paid for the job. Yeah, there's a math error in there. I said there was a problem."
- Me

So the Workstorm: A very heavy week of writing, a triple witching hour of deadlines, a couple opportuntities and a disaster or two.

I don't normally talk about the job, since what I'm doing is so far ahead of the schedule that there are things that aren't yet announced or may change serveral times between then and now. But this week I was involved in creating a new character for a lecensed card game, finishing up a bit of short fiction of another card game, delivering dialogue for a computer game, revising that dialogue when last-minute changes were made to the design (and the recording session was scheduled for Thursday), revised the new character for the card game, revised the dialogus again (the recording is still to be made by Thursday), wrote an introduction for a friend's book, shared some thoughts about game experience, had two interview/lunches, and got feedback for the short fiction for revision. All of which went very well ( meaning the people that I gave stuff too liked it) but it resulted in a lot of late nights.

And a project blew up that I was planning on working on, knocking me back a few squares. And I'm a little bummed out abou that, but this is one reason I don't announce what I'm working on, so I only bore close friends with the details.

Still, I pretty much weathered the storm intact. Working out of the home office has been pretty nice, and I haven't had to slog out into the rain (10 inches since the begining of the year, thank you very much). I' ve been able to sleep in until 8, and my biggest distraction is Harlequin the Cat, who wants me to walk around the house dragging an old bootlace for her to chase.

What I haven't been able to do yet has been clean out my office, organize my receipts for the Lovely Bride, get that book outline I promised out the door, or start in on the Archive Room, which is sort of like the Bat Cave, except is has a bajillion old games and comic books in it instead of supercomputers and a big penny.

I guess that's this week.

More later,