Thursday, January 19, 2006

Memory Lane

So the new issue of the Comics Buyers Guide is out (#1615), with a lot of articles about fantasy comic books (complete with Red Sonja cheesecake on the cover). Among the other excellent articles, there is a nice article about the history of D&D in comic books, written by James Mishler and featuring numerous quotes and stories from yours truly and TSR Vet and fellow Alliterate Steve Sullivan.

It was good to think about the work on the D&D Comics,Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Forgotten Realms, which have slipped into the collective memory of "oldies but goodies". And it reminded me how much fun it was to write comics - it was a collaborative effort (much of it with now fan-favorite Rags Morales). And it is something that I would love to do again, if the opportunity presented itself (hint hint).

In the mean time, the workstorm is continuing to blow, though it should taper off sometime today.

More later,