Saturday, January 14, 2006


I tend to accumulate football teams. If I've lived in an area for a while, I tend to become a fan for the local team, and when I move, I still root for that team. This doesn't happen in baseball, but over the years I have and am a fan of Pittsburgh, Chicago, Green Bay, and now Seattle.

[Note that while I went to school in Indiana, Indianapolis is not on the list, because they a) didn't have a team when I lived there and b) got their team by declaring that Baltimore had weapons of mass destruction and moved out in the dead of night.]

Anyway, this weekend, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Seattle are all playing. And they aren't playing each other (yet). AND, as a added bonus, Pittsburgh is playing Indianapolis.

So I'm parking the laptop in front of the tube and letting myself get swept up in the moment.

More later,