Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back from Vacation

Back in Seattle after almost two weeks in the Eastern Part of this country. Only three days were spent in Washington DC (of which I have a few more, last posts), while the bulk of it was with family in Pittsburgh (and included 3 birthdays plus Mother's Day). The collected family (both mine and the Lovely Bride's) is doing well, thank you.

But this is about the trip back home, done on an infinitesimal amount of sleep, and getting up at 4 AM Pgh time (1 AM Seattle Time) to return. And though you might expect one of the traditional horror stories of missed connections and lost luggage, everything went as smooth as silk, even given tight connections in Cincinnati. We got to Seattle. Our luggage got to Seattle. And I have to say Delta did a darn fine job, even if they have been reduced to selling sandwiches on the plane.

Just as good, the cabbie we took turns out to live the next block over, so he understood what the Lovely Bride meant when she said "Take the windy road up the hill". The Cabbie mentioned that he often saw a county trooper's car in our driveway. We explained that the trooper was a friend who would come over for dinner before starting his shift. He was amused by that.

But the nicest thing was that, since I was back before noon, I went to work, and was greeted like Norm from Cheers. I had only been gone ten days, and there were enough things that I needed to catch up on, but everyone was genuinely happy to see me back (before asking a host of questions).

And that met me feel particularly happy. I work with a great team.

I have a few more Washington stories, but they will wait for later. I really should go to sleep, now.

More later,