Friday, May 02, 2008

Cleaning Out the Archive

Natives of Seattle do not have basements. As a result we store all the stuff we would usually keep in a basement in the garage. That's why you pass these homes with three car garages, and the cars are parked in the driveway.

We have a small, narrow, one-car garage that we use primarily for power tools. In addition, we have "The Archive Room" on the first floor. Described in the original brief as a "Mother-In-Law" apartment, it is just a first floor room that we use for storage. Which means old copies of our books. Christmas ornaments. A LOT of comic books. and boxes upon boxes of games.

I'm a packrat and an accumulator, and in the course of 25+ years in the industry, I've glommed onto a lot of stuff. Old autographed gaming modules, small press games that saw small distribution, classics and a lot of general STUFF that I was sure, at one time, I would need.

Now? I'm not so sure, so I'm clearing out the Archive. I am admittedly slow on the technological update and unwilling to deal with the responsibility of sending product out to people, so I've made a deal with my friendly local comic shop, SPY Comics and Cards. THEY are doing the selling, and are a lot more responsible than I am.

Here is the link for the gaming section of their Ebay store. Scan through it to see if you need anything to fill out your collection, or that game you've always been meaning to check out. If this works out, I'll pack up ANOTHER six boxes of old games and we'll do another pass. And since I'm digging down through the files, the games are just going to get older and rarer as I go along.

More later,

Update: And if you have more of a comics interest, or have been reading comics and stopped, or its been a while since you've visited your local comic shop, tomorrow, 3 May, is the day to pay your local shop a visit. It is Free Comic Book Day, so its a chance to see what publishers are doing. Wherever you are, check it out.