Thursday, May 01, 2008

DOW Breaks 13000!

Well, SOMEBODY is doing OK in the today's economy, at least.

Actually, the current numbers have reflected a slow but steady build over the past few weeks as it has become clear that you can screw up beyond all human recognition and STILL get the government to cover your backside. If you're a large investment firm, of course.

The rest of you, you're on your own.

Actually, the R-Word is coming up more and more in the media - Recession. Often it is in the form of a question (Are we sliding into a Recession?) or as an assurance (We are as a Nation facing a Recession, but locally we are still strong) or as an accusation (those people over there? THEY'RE in a recession. Have been for years, but we've just been to polite mention it before).

A present general definition is two quarters of negative growth. When I was in High School back in the Nixon years, I thought it was three quarters, but maybe they lost a quarter in a cost-cutting measure.

Recessions are usually defined after the fact, so that if you're asking "Are we in a recession?", the answer is probably - yes, we are. Also, those pants DO make you look fat.

In the meantime, the low-level bribe (sorry, stimulus checks) have gone out, just to show we're even-handed in the favoritism. Sort of like suddenly getting a ocean-view suite on the luxury liner, which suddenly has become available due to the previous occupants taking to the lifeboats. Never mind the ever-increasing slope of the decks, and just enjoy the remainder of the voyage.

Oh, and if you need ice, we have a lot of it up on the deck!

More later,