Thursday, May 29, 2008

Five by Five

So I've been playing 4E, and yeah, it has more of a reliance on miniatures than version 3.5 and much more than 3.0. And part of this is represented in powers, exploits, and spells which facilitate movement and make combat much more fluid. There are things like Slide 1 and Push 2 and Teleport 5. And the number is supposed to represent a five foot by five foot square, but that just doesn't seem "fantasy" enough.

So in the Keep on the Shadowfell adventure we came up with the name "Krel" for a five by five square. From my Thursday night game, we have the counter-argument "Grick" which also has some appeal.

So, "Krel" or "Grick"? Discuss among yourselves.

More later,