Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Election Central

This is a message to inhabitants of King County, in the state of Washington. The rest of you, go over and read Sinfest, which panel-for-panel is funnier than anything you'll find in the Seattle Times.

OK, Kingsters, here's the deal: Today is election day. I don't want to hear you kvetch about it, you brought this one upon yourselves. So we're electing a Director of Elections (yeah, its called irony), and we're doing it in a vote by mail.

Here's what you need to do. Go dig out that mail-in ballot you got a while back. It's by the front door, in the pile of mail that contains those late Christmas Cards and unopened bank balance statements. Go get it, I'll wait.

Back? OK. Now take a bloody pen and vote. One vote. That's it. Fold it up. Put it in the security envelope. Put the security envelope in the regular envelope (Democracy - some assembly required). Sign and date the outer envelope. Seal the security flaps. Then either slap a stamp on it and mail the dratted thing, or drop it off at one of ten locations in the county. If it is posted today, it counts.

Got it? Good. Oh, OK, recommendations. If you take recommendations from bloggers (a dicey proposition at best), I would say Sherril Huff is doing the job well and deserves to keep it. Just about everybody else who has actual throw weight (Times, P-I, Stranger agrees. The rest of the pack, with the exception of newcomer Bill Anderson (who actually is running on qualifications, such a novel idea) have so much political baggage they would be charged extra to get on the plane.

This ain't jury duty, but it is a civil obligation. You guys wanted to vote - now go vote.

More later,