Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Guild Wars Two

I've gotten a number of private messages from fans over the past few weeks about the current status of the Guild Wars 2 project. We announced the existence of this game a while back, but have been quiet about its current status, in particular as to a firm release date. Into this vacuum has spilled a mass of concern and speculation. While attention is always appreciated, it has reached a fever pitch of late.

In response to these concerns, I want to point those interested to this message from our head honcho, Mike O'Brien.

In addition, I just like to add - no, actually I have nothing much at all to add. Mo lays everything out, and is being straight with you guys. We're fans too, fans of our own games, and want to make GW2 the best possible experience. All I can advise is patience, and do not let anticipation turn to worry.

More later.