Monday, February 23, 2009

Your Technology Meme of the Day

So this week is going to involve a lot of stuff, so I'm quickly reaching into the meme mailbag for content. This one - When did you get the following tech?

0. Wrist watch: First one I remember was in late grade school (60s). Black plastic strap and it had glow-in-the-dark numbers and hands. Went for several years, then had a spate of smashing watches inadvertently. Current wear my watch on my belt.

1. Record player (mono, 16/33/45/78 rpm): Never had one of these. Probably a reason I never worried much about records.

2. Cassette recorder (mono): There was one bouncing around the house. Recorded some songs on it back in Jr. High. I live in feat that the tape will someday be discovered.

3. Record player (stereo): This is interesting - I won this. Big cabinet version. Won it at a home show at the Civic Arena when I was, like 12.

4. Typewriter: My first was an old Royal portable from the 50s owned by my folks. A beautiful machine that I miss to this day. My first "own" Typewriter was a Smith-Corona Selectric with those plug-in correction cartridges and a rumble that sounded like a jet taking off. Because I learned on a manual, I type heavy, and have destroyed three keyboards so far at ArenaNet.

5. Stereo radio-cassette recorder (ghetto blaster): Never.

6. Computer: Atari 800 borrowed from TSR for a project. First one I purchased was an Atari ST. Early 80s.

7. Hi-Fi separates: I think I got these in marriage. The bride came with Hi-Fi. Still have them and occasionally get needles for the records (yes, we still have vinyl).

8. Cassette Walkman: Had it, wore it, broke it. I think it was also TSR era, so that made in mid-80s.

9. Color TV: I remember when all the shows went color (Bewitched, F-troop, Gilligan's Island), so it was about that time.

10: Real computer: Mac SE, a "portable" only by the fact you could lift it.

11. Compact Disk player: Another purchase in Wisconsin. Had some, but none of them were memorable.

12. Car: My parents gave me the family car when they bought a new one - a powder blue Cutlass Supreme (License plate" LEETAH") which I ran into the ground. My brother got the next family car, which was a Dodge Omni. There has been some friction between us ever since ... First car I purchased was a tan Cutlass Sierra, which I ALSO ran into the ground, such that when we traded it in, I could only get it to the dealership by driving in second gear.

13. VCR: Wedding present from friends - a Betamax and a box full of Doctor Who tapes taken off of WTTW in Chicago.

14. Laptop: Hmmm. A Mac portable, probably late TSR period.

15. Modem: Old fashioned version with clown-anvil logon noises, sucking up the phone lines. Yeah, that was mid 80s as well.

16. PDA: Never. Friend bought one of the first ones, spent a full day loading info into it, put it in his back pocket, and sat on it, destroying it utterly.

17. Mobile Phone: Less than ten years ago. I just got a new one, and the dealership asked if they could keep my original, since it was such an heirloom.

18. MP3 player: Don't have one yet.Lovely bride loves her iPod and uses it when she goes walking.

19. eBook reader: I've mentioned the Kindle, but now I've left Anathem alone for a few weeks, and now will need to recharge before I start reading again. One downside for electronic media.

More later,