Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Political Desk: The Feds

 So, at the Federal Level : Joseph R. Biden for President and Kamala D. Harris for Veep. Because D'uh.

Let's see if I can frame this without referring to the occupant currently squatting in the White House. Joe Biden would make a good president. Period. Now, usually comes the caveats about how he would not be my first choice, or that some of stands have been incorrect, well-intentioned,but wrong, or about how he's a little bit boring. But actually, I think he would a good job, and that's what I'm looking for. 

Biden is an experienced legislator with a long track record. He plays well with others, and is willing to reach across the aisle to those who disagree with him (some see this as a weakness, but I say it is a requirement). He not only believes in what he says, he is willing to listen and sometimes change his mind. I don't agree with all his positions, but I do trust opposing views will at least get a fair hearing. 

He has also been in the White House before, knows how it operates, and where Obama hid the keys for the liquor cabinet. He was an engaged, active Vice President who worked with his administration to get things done. So he's done the tutorial.

In the period of the campaign season itself, he has navigated the pitfalls of the campaign amazingly well. His former Democratic opponents endorse him, and endorse him heartily. He has pulled together the various wings and factions of the Democrats into a generally consistent whole. The Democratic showcase of the convention was a showcase of unity. At the best of times, the Democratic Big Tent resembles a rugby scrum more than a processional, but has he has provided leadership to pull it all together. 

His choice of Veep has been inspired as well. Kamala Harris is Shroedinger's Vice President - Both the top cop of California as Attorney General and to the left of Bernie Sanders in her voting record in the Senate, she has confounded detractors on both sides. She's been strong and resolute and capable, unlike a couple of the spare tires on the GOP side over the past few elections. 

In the debates and town halls, Biden has been resolute, calm, and almost incredibly patient in the face of national meltdowns. He has weathered all sorts of personal attacks and came out of it. Pseudo-scandals have brewed up and evaporated time and again. There may be something he has done out there somewhere, but compared to the present admin, he's practically a paladin.

Endorsements? A bunch. Most of them are the usual suspects, but there are a lot of former members of the current administration who think he'd be the better choice. A lot of folk who are now retired and no longer have to kneel before their political masters. And people who don't normally endorse, like Scientific America, or USA Today. The other side? Rosanne Barr, the Klan, and the Taliban (though to be fair, they rejected the Taliban's endorsement).

And Biden  has plans. Plans he has actually shared with people. He actually has a platform, which it sounds like he has read. He's let other people read those plans. And they have said "Yep, These are plans". Surprisingly good plans. 

Lastly, and this is a person thing - he comes across as nice. One of the Trump flunkies compared him to Mr. Rogers in a negative way, inadvertently kissing off any chance for the GOP to take the Pittsburgh area. I don't buy that, no more than the Onion portrayal of the man as wearing denim shorts while hand-washing his Trans-Am behind the White House. But even I have to admit he comes across as a caring, reasonable human being.

Let's end the chaos. We need someone who can lead us out of this mess. I think we need Joe Fixit. He's going to have a huge to-do list should he win, and I think he and his vice president are up for it.

More la... Oh, hang on, there is another Federal Level to look at.

Congressional District Number 9 - Adam Smith is the incumbent, the head of the House Armed Services Committee, and has been doing the job for a while. He deserves to go back. His opponent is a conservative talk show host who lost to him several times already. Not a lot to say here, so let's go with Adam Smith.

NOW we say, More later.