Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Political Desk: State Legislature

Ah, now we are down in the weeds. These are the folks we are sending to Olympia for part of the year to sort things out. Even if you are voting in Washington, you might not know these folks. They are pretty good, and gives me hope for politicians. 

Legislative District No. 11 State Senator: Bob Hasegawa
Legislative District No. 11 Representative Postion No. 1: Zack Hudgins
Legislative District No. 11 Representative Postion No. 2: Steve Berquist

Bob Hasegawa has no opposition this time. Congratulations, Bob Hasegawa!

Zack Hudgins versus newcomer David Hackney. I'll be honest, both are good, and this is one of those races where we will get fine service regardless. I go back and forth on this, but ultimately  I will go with Zack Hudgins - he's been sending out newsletters.

Steve Berquist is a teacher who went to Olympia because they were slack on teachers in the State House. And he's done a good job. Let's keep him.

That's it for our State Legislators, at least the ones I can elect. 

More later,