Monday, October 19, 2020

The Political Desk Opens: All The Marbles

Every election I do this - go through the ballot and make recommendations. Have done so for years, for an audience that is fives if not tens of people. But it helps me sort a few things out and do some research. Other people's recommendations are at the bottom of this entry. 

But spoilers: No Republicans.

Sorry folks, I’m just about done with the Republican Party. Every year I find worthy, experienced candidates from the GOP side, and common-sense initiatives supported by conservative causes. Not so much in recent years and not so much this time.
Starting at the top, if you still support the infected, immoral, incompetent, impeached, incumbent you have just not been paying much attention for the past four years, or you just don't care. There has been just so much wrong with executive branch - the lack of planning as the pandemic has hit us, the corruption, the indictments, the graft, the sexual assaults, the raw, ever-growing, angry insanity. There’s much, much more and much, much worse, but I’m keeping it to one paragraph. Four years ago I something to the effect that I would not let him work the grill at a fast food joint. Now I wouldn’t let him in the building.

And it rolls all the way downhill. The Republican-held Senate has its own cast of miscreants, and has been completely inert on any legislation that doesn’t put money into the pockets of rich people and corporations. The latest is denying Covid relief while pushing through the latest underqualified Supreme Court justice. 300-some bipartisan bills from the House have not even had a hearing, let alone a vote. Enough.

So yeah, no Republicans.Clear 'em out and get some people who want to do the job in there.

I’d like to say that things are better for the GOP here in blue Washington, but the nutters are in control of the party here as well. We have a GOP candidate for Governor is a small town sherriff who aches to be a conservative media star, a former GOP gubernatorial candidate now running a write-in for Lt. Governor, and the conservatives rallying around the idea of keeping kids stupid.

And those in the party that are not outright crazy are enablers to this horrorshow. They may not be racists, or fascists, or criminals, but they decided those things aren’t deal-breakers. And I understand. I still consider myself a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, but I haven’t seen a game since Willie Stargell retired. I check them in the standing about once a week (yep, they still suck), but that's about it. Habit is something comprehensible, but take a good hard look at what you’re supporting.

So, from me, I’m just done with Republicans.

I’m not alone. A lot of Republicans are done with Republicans. I have never seen so many groups have that traditionally been supportive of the GOP backing away cautiously. Military folk. Wall Street, Retirees. People who work for Republicans. Even traditional Republicans have had it. The most vocal gang - The Lincoln Project, is a bunch of old-time GOP backers who have been tearing into the present administration with abandon for destroying their party. The conservatives have always been better at slinging mud at their opponents, and this group, the mean girls table of the GOP, has been nastily effective in ways that the lefties and progressives have not.

But what about the other guys making recommendations?. The Stranger's recommendations can be trusted to be progressive (in fact, they are bashing a lot of candidates they are supporting for being less-than-left to their tastes), but even the stolid, stodgy Seattle Times has skewed solidly blue this time, I always point folk to VotingForJudges for a good read on the few competitive judge races. The Progressive are here. The Muni League looks like it folded up its tents back in 2017. And my friend and youtuber Sig Trent walks through his ballot for Pierce County. As others show up I will pass them along here as well.

So Let’s hit this thing and make it happen.

But remember, No Republicans.

More later,