Friday, October 23, 2020

The Political Desk: The Jeff Recommends

So, this has been a marathon. How did we do? 

Well, the pledge of "No Republicans" was pretty easy to adhere to, in that some of the Republican candidates were SO BADSOME that such a choice would be easy even in normal years. But the fact that the state and managed some really choppy times of late and come out mostly whole has shown that the folk in charge at least have a clue. And it would be a good thing that expand that out to the rest of the nation. Here's the summary:

Referendum Measure No/ 90 - Approved

Advisory Vote No 32 - Approved
Advisory Vote No 33 - Approved
Advisory Vote No 34 - Approved
Advisory Vote No 35 - Approved

Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution No. 8212  - Approved 

harter Amendment No 1 - Inquests - Yes
Charter Amendment No 2 - Disposition of Real Property for Affordable Housing- Yes
Charter Amendment No.3 - References to Citizens - Yes
Charter Amendment No. 4 - Office of Law Enforcement Oversight - Subpoena Authority - Yes
Charter Amendment No. 5 - Making the King County Sheriff an Appointed Position - No
Charter Amendment No. 6 - Structure and Duties of the Department of Public Safety - Yes
Charter Amendment No. 7 - Prohibiting Discrimination on the Basis of Family Caregiver, Military, or Veteran Status - Yes

Proposition No. 1
Harborview Medical Center Health and Safety Improvement Bonds - Approved. 

President and Vice President of the United States: Joseph R. Biden and Kamala D. Harris
United States Representative Congressional District No. 9 - Adam Smith

Governor: Jay Inslee
Lt. Governor: Markos Liias
Secretary of State: Gael Tarleton
State Treasurer: Mike Pellicciotti
State Auditor: Pat (Patrice) McCarthy
Attourney General : Bob Ferguson
Commissioner of Public Lands: Hilary Franz
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Chris Reykdal
Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreidler

Legislative District No. 11 State Senator: Bob Hasegawa
Legislative District No. 11 Representative Postion No. 1: Zack Hudgins
Legislative District No. 11 Representative Postion No. 2: Steve Berquist

State Supreme Court Justice Position No. 3 - Raquel Montoya-Lewis
State Supreme Court Justice Position No. 6 - G. Helen Whitener

Superior Court Judge Position No. 12 - Andrea Robertson
Superior Court Judge Position No. 30 - Doug North

So, if you haven't voted, go vote now. Vote like it matters, because it does. See you after the 3rd.

More later