Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Canada Day

This day celebrates the formation of the British Colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Upper and Lower Canada (Ontario and Quebec) into a federation in 1867, a move encouraged by the fact that American Civil War veterans kept invading the country, seeking decent beer and cheap prescription drugs (see the Fennian Raids for more on this).

Starting from this basis, it took Canada only 115 years to attain full independence from Britain. Goes to show that you can have change without resorting to violence - slow, slow change.

In commemoration, I provide this link from the Arrogant Worms:
Come back proud Canadians,
To before you had TV.
No hockey night in Canada,
there was no CBC.

In 1812 Madison was mad,
He was the president you know.
Well he thought he'd tell the British
Where they ought to go.
He thought he'd invade Canada,
He thought that he was tough.
Instead we went to Washington,
And burned down all his stuff!

More later