Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prepare to be (Bill)Boarded!

About 8 years ago, there was a close election. You may remember it. It hinged on a small part of the total votes and went to court and the Republican won. And in the wake of that election, the conservative factions thundered about how the Democrat losers had to move on, had to put it behind them, had to not obsess about the loss.

And 4 years back, we had a very close election in Washington State, for governor. It hinged on a small part of the total votes, and went to court and the Democrat won. And in the wake of that election, the State Republican Party moved on, put it behind them, and refused to obsess about its loss.

In the words of an famous eighties sit-com: "Don't be ree-DEEK-uclous".

The 2008 governor's race is a replay of the 2004 race. Same faces as you've seen before. Of course the Democrats are sticking by the incumbent, Christine Gregoire. But the R's (running under the GOP side-brand) are pushing real estate broker and former state senator Dino Rossi, who missed by "this much" last time. And Rossi's supporters are running on a campaign of resentment and revenge.

Don't believe it? Here's a sign that's sprouting up in the hinterlands, on the far side of the Cascades.

Mind you, this isn't one of those "Join the Ron Paul Revolution" signs that show up at vacant lots and closed Arbie's. This is a freaking billboard.

When this beast first showed up, there was much denial from the State GOP about its ownership. Turns out it was funded by the BIAW - the Building Industry Alliance of Washington. The BIAW is a big R-Donor that feels it can do better without all those regulations and state law in the way and Rossi is the best man to allow them to do this.

Now this seems launching the negatives right off the bat, but who am I to judge? Oh, that's right, a voter. Read the article - the quotes from the BIAW spokesbeing verge on the hilarious. She blinks her eyes innocently and says they just want to remind people of the importance of voting.


I'm wondering if they would be so sanguine if signs went up that said "Vote Democrat - don't let the GOP kill your grandmother!"

Didn't think so.

More later,