Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So the ENnie folks are wrestling with probs with their voting software, so lets go back to gaffes.

The whole thing about gaffes is that they have a bit of inadvertent truth to them, of what is really being thought (or what you think is really being thought). The mask slips and bit of the tentacled mass behind it snakes out. Here's a couple more.

This one has gotten more play than I thought it was - the President, thinking the cameras were really off, gave a rather frank assessment of the current economic situation. Short version? "Wall Street got drunk".

More interesting to me was the revelation in the same clip that the president plans to sell the Crawford Ranch. He bought the ranch in 1999, just before running for president, and the ranch has been the source of numerous photo ops showing him cutting brush and looking folksy and hardworking. With the demise of his administration, the Connecticut-born politician is shedding the rancher image. Another inadvertent revelation, a bit of truth poking through from behind the mask.

More later,