Thursday, July 10, 2008

ENnie Nominations

So the ENnie Nominations are up, and I have a piece of two nominations. The ENnies are a set of gaming awards given at GenCon, named after the site, which in turn is named after founder Eric Noah (man, that's a long walk to explain a short name).

Anyway, the ENnie nominations are selected by the "gray eminence" method of a panel of sage and learned souls, and voted on by the general gaming population online. It looks like a good group this year, and with a nice mixture of big players and small presses (gaming awards have the perennial problem of either being dominated by the big guys, which makes them look mercenary, or excluding the big guys and thereby looking irrelevant).

The full listings are spread over several pages, but here we see nominations for Hobby Games: The 100 best under "Best Regalia" (which I think means "Best Game Stuff that aren't Games),and Six Arabian Nights, from Open Design, under Best Electronic Book, which I also contributed to. Six Arabian Nights is in a tough category, up against Book of Experimental Might as well as Open Design's Empire of the Ghouls. Both Nights and Ghouls are in addition patron projects, which means that the people who got them were those that paid up front for them, so I don't know what that means for reaching a wider voting audience.

Voting kicks off on 21 July and will last until 3 August, it uses an Instant Runoff System, which is pretty straightforward despite an arcane explanation, but should provide a definitive result. Remind me to post a reminder when it comes up.

More later,

Update: Open Design has also been shortlisted for the Diana Jones award, along with founder and fellow Allit Wolfgang Baur. It's been a very interesting day.