Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Gaming Eve

So I'm moving a little slow, this first day of 2009. Was up until 2ish as the Lovely Bride and I hosted a Gaming Open House for friends of our various gaming groups (The LB's Thursday night and Saturday games, my Thursday D&D session, and our semi-regular CoC/Open Design group). We ran from 2 in the afternoon to well after midnight, when the last guests headed to the door and we did some preliminary cleanup (because no one wants to look at a mess on the first morning of the year).

The general rule was "come when you can, and stay as long as you wish". I think I've found capacity for the house - about 20 people playing games, with the limiting factors being table space and room in the u-shaped driveway for cars (there was a lot of Tetris-like shifting as people had to get in and out). We had a huge amount of food and drink, and a lot of games.

I discovered Dominion, which was a very nice card game in a very big box with some interesting counter-standard mechanics. The group played the old regulars - Tikal, Formula De, Citadels, Flux, even some Magic: The Gathering. Sacnoth brought and taught an ancient game of Dogfight, from Milton Bradley, one of the first "warrish games" that I played as a kid. He and the Lovely Bride also led a group through Tales of the Arabian Nights, a more modern classic, that ran late into the evening.

And after it all, I'm a bit worn out, between the hosting stuff and the gaming to all ours. Time for a day off.

More later,