Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Woodpecker Papers

It has been almost a month since the woodpecker started attacking the power pole across the street, and I thought I'd update the damages.

The culprit, a pileated variety of feathered malefactor, has tunneled four holes into the pole so far, none of them more than six feet off the ground. They are:

- 3" long by 2" wide by 1" deep
- 4" long by 3" wide by 3" deep
- 15" long by 3" wide by 4" deep
And a record scar of 26" long by 4" by 9" deep at the deepest.

The two largest cuts are across from each other, so our feathered saboteur is definitely working towards a goal. So far, I doubt the pole is coming down, but its not in the shape it was a month ago.

There is currently a small red ribbon tied around the pole, but I believe this to be the result of a local surveying crew as opposed to an intention to replace it. As the development wave sweeps through, they are planning to extend the sewer line down the street (which they just repaved and expanded a couple years back - go figure).

More later,