Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Twenty-Five Things

Well, T'Ed Stark inflicted this double-dog-dare on me over in Facebook, so here goes -twenty-five things you may not know about me.

Jeff Grubb ...

1. ... was once stepped on by a bear while he was sleeping. While Jeff was sleeping, not the bear.
2. ... reads odd dictionaries and encyclopedias
3. ... likes working with people younger than himself. Which is nice because he has less and less choice in the matter as time goes on.
4. ... thinks the best deep-dish pizza on the planet comes from the Original Chicago Pizza place in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, across from the Post Office.
5. ... has insomnia about one night every three months or so, and uses it as a chance to watch the sun come up.
6. ... rates drinking hot tea while watching the sun set at Crater Lake among his perfect moments in life.
7. ... has a false front tooth from being hit in the face with a hardhat at a caving expedition (Famous last words - "Throw that thing up here, willya?")
8. ... has stood on the shores of an ocean not on any American maps.
9. ... can't sleep on airplanes.
10. ... misses Brian Thomsen.
11. ... stays until the end of the credits of movies.
12. ... named his first D&D city "American Pie".
13. ... voted Republican in his first presidential contest.
14. ... still thinks "The Purdue Exponent" is a great name for the school newspaper for an engineering school.
15. ... is starting to wonder why he keeps all those back issues of National Geographic.
16. ... would have called his private design label, corporation, or band "Rock Wallaby".
17. ... still loves "Amazing Grace" even after that Star Trek movie reduced it to cliche.
18. ... is really excited about his current projects.
19. ... enjoys Lovecraft, hates horror movies. Go figure.
20. ... remains a fan of John Denver.
21. ... is an Eagle Scout (bronze palm).
22. ... has restless brain syndrome. Don't bother looking it up, it's a new thing.
23. ... has used "The Dick Van Dyke Show" as a guide to life. It's been pretty successful.
24. ... believes more in the afterlife the closer he gets to it.
25. ... has decided he needs a FAQ

And I refuse to tag anyone else on this one, but you if you want to play, go nuts.

More later,