Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Weather Report

I was going to write about type faces, but instead the current situation drags me back to the current Weathermageddon. After the abnormal and heavy snows of December, we are now hit with abnormal and excessive rain.

Now rain in Seattle, despite our reputation, is usually soft and misty and relatively polite. This is serious midwestern rain - big globby spitballs from on high. And it just does not stop.

However, we, both on Grubb Street and in the greater Seattle area, are doing OK. Once again, the metropolitan area is in the rain shadow of the storm (I've been here ten years, and this year is the first that I've heard of Seattle being in a "rain shadow" (that is, mountains between us and the worst of the storm). Usually that term is used for Port Townsend out on the peninsula.

North, south, and west of us is another matter. The roads over the passes are closed, there was an avalanche at Stevens Pass and another large one at the ski resort up at Snoqualmie. South of here, it looks like I-5 will be closed again as the rivers in the Chehalis/Centralia area need somewhere to go (and most of the flatland has been taken up with new development).

The worst I've seen here is that we've got a leak at the office - not over any machinery, mind you, but still it is an irritant. For the moment, the lowlands around the office are not flooded (touch wood), but the rain continues to fall.

More later,