Sunday, January 04, 2009

Not to Make Anyone Nervous ...

... but it is snowing hard up here on Grubb Street.

Today was the Lovely Bride's birthday, and in celebration, we set off for Bahama Breeze, a Carib seafood restaurant down near the Big Mall in Tukwilla. As we left, at five, the large flakes were drifting down, and I had to brush a light dusting off the car. By the time we reached the valley floor, it was rain/snow and melting fast, so we thought no problem.

Fortunately, Kate took a seat facing the dining room, and I was facing a window as the rain/snow turned to just snow and then started to stick. By the time we left the restaurant, about 6:30, we had to brush a LOT of snow off the cars, and the roads were slushy. As we climbed the hill, the slush turned to hard-pack, and I had a lot of white-knuckle moments fighting to keep the car on the road, while watching out for every other driver. Oh, and every time we turned off a larger road for a smaller one, it got worse.

We're home safely, the snow is piling up. said this was supposed to be rain, while the Weather Underground predicted snow. Meteorologists were calling for a rain/snow mix, but that was for yesterday. So the short form is ... we got no clue what awaits us at sunrise.

Not that anyone should be nervous, mind you.

More later,