Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Political Bunker: Proposition No. 1

The primary ballot is actually pretty short this time, and we're already down to the county measure propositions. And there is only one of them - Proposition No. 1 (not to be confused with OTHER Proposition No. 1s you may encounter), Regular Property Tax Levy Automated Fingerprint Identification System Services. It replaces an existing levy and is meant to fund and upgrade AFIS and other identification programs.

And I say Approved, but I my heart just isn't in it. I guess I am suffering from tax fatigue, as so many different  worthy measures come to the taxpayers with their begging bowls for funding. Its like when ALL of friends in the office are selling candy for their kids' school bands. I mean, this sounds important, and if its important, shouldn't it be in the budget to start with? Do we need another revenue stream, which has turned into a regular avenue for funding attractive budget items?

So, yeah, Approved, but even I am getting tired of this.

More later,