Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Political Bunker: US Senator

So, yes. Maria Cantwell. She's been one of our two senators. And while she steers a little closer to the center than I would prefer, she's done a damned fine job holding peoples' feet to the fire when we need her to. She deserves going to the finals.

Her chief endorsed Republican opponent, Susan Hutchinson, is a former newsreader for a local TV station and former chairbeing for the State GOP. She's been enthusiastic in her support of the squatter occupying the White House, chastising other candidates for not being sufficiently positive of the GOP's leader and excusing his horrible personal behavior by declaring that "he was a Democrat at that time."  So, just say no.

I'd like to say that that there are viable options about the 27 other candidates for the post, but that's not the case. Instead we have the Usual Suspects, the Well-Intended, and the Whack-a-Doodles. I'd like so say there's one that provides a reasonable alternative to the two mainstream candidates, but ... but ...

Look, people, it's time we had a talk.

Have you folk heard about EDITORS? I'm serious here. These write-ups in the Voters' Pamphlet are probably the only chance you have to reach out with your message. So what's with the word salad? What is with the incomplete sentences? What's with the fluid, subconscious, almost unconscious use of capitalization? I know some editors. They cost, but they make you look less like idiots. The state is legally prevented from fixing your language and making you coherent. So GET SOMEONE TO DO IT FOR YOU.

Oh, and under Elected Experience, do NOT put all the times you've run for office before and lost. I mean, seriously?

All that said, Let me give a brief shout-out to Clint R. Tannehill, who actually comes across as a rational human being with a straightforward plan and an engaging backstory. If you cannot bring yourself to vote for a mainstream Dem, take a look at him. Regardless, no Republicans.

More later