Monday, July 23, 2018

The Political Bunker: US Representative District 9

Adam Smith has done a dandy job in the redistricted 9th, dealing with the ever-spreading, new-and-improved swamp in DC. And should he be the sole Democrat on the list this fall, I'll be glad to endorse him. But a stronger choice is another Smith, Sarah Smith. She's running as a anti-war progressive Democrat (Hey kids, remember when we had TIME to be anti-war?), and one of Mr. Smith's weaknesses is that he is deep in the pocket of the Military Industrial Complex, a remnant of when his district included Fort Lewis.

The third candidate, Doug Basler of the GOP, runs a wanna-be InfoWars radio program. And you know how well THAT serves the body politic. It would be great to see the two Smiths duke it out this fall, so I'm supporting Sarah in the primary.

More later,