Monday, January 19, 2004

The Blog Goes Ever On And On

So I'm still in the process of deciding what goes into this blog and doesn't. Here's what I come up with:

Reviews: A couple weeks ago I was reading a review column by a gaming professional, in which he admitted that he wasn't reviewing an interesting and well-written product because the publisher hadn't sent him a free copy. I understand this to some degree if he's getting a paid for the review and has to deliver every week or so, though this particular unnamed reviewer is pretty slap-dash with his deadlines, and you know, you'd think he'd at least be curious about it. Anyway, when I review, I notice that I tell you where I got it, how I got it, and why I think its worth reviewing (yes, I read (and watch) more than I review).

Politics: After writing a bit about the national level, I think I'm more comfortable with local politics. I don't have the lack of memory and/or ethics that allows me to declare the Kerry campaign dead in the water one week, then hail its victory the next (I'm talking about the major nets and pundits, here). I tend to think about what I write, which also puts me at a distinct disadvantage. Yeah, there's a lot happening at the top, and I will still throw in when I think there's something to say, but I think there are enough other blogs out there handling the national level on a regular basis.

Seattle: This ties in with local politics - a lot of good blogs are local ones, and I am a fan of Seattle. I'm comfortable with it, and will continue to report of little stuff that I encounter while I'm out and about. I mean, its JANUARY and I took a walk in the park without a hat (woohoo!).

Work: I don't talk about work, except in generally vague terms. Part of that is because this is both a public forum (well, public for me) and a semi-permanent one. A lot of what I work on is still secret at this point, and I'll be glad to reveal my part in it when the various corporate masters announce their own plans (Like the Star Wars Miniatures from WotC, or the big Galactus figure from WizKids), but not before. I saw a presentation copy for a project I was working on over the Christmas break, and it looks FANTASTIC, but of course, I can't say anything else. (hehehe).

Creative Stuff: I'll throw the occasional bit of creativity in every so often. I don't know where it comes from, or where its going, but this is good place to put it. After the poetry below, I got comments ranging from invites to dinner to offers of a suicide watch. No, it won't disuade me from posting again.

Friends: I find that I have a couple levels of rankings when I talk about friends and family. Friends that are bloggers get refered to their own blogs. Friends that are not I am a bit more dodgy about, particularly if the comments are less than flattering. Family I tend to not write anything that would totally freak them out (My mother worries about the weather out here, my brother is a more conservative than I, my sister is back at college - nothing they wouldn't mind the world finding out about).

Rants: Sure, why not? I have this soapbox and everything. I can complain about bad drivers and dumb laws here in the virtual barroom that is the Internet. And if you don't like it, well, you can get your own soapbox.

And behave yourselves, or I'll write more poetry.

More later,