Monday, January 26, 2004

The Truth? I can't handle The Truth!

So I'm watching the Food Network the other day, and between shows, they switch to local advertisers. And one of them is for a future appearance of Noam Chomsky in the area. It shows a microphone, and has Chomsky's distinctive voice railing against the spineless corporate media and the "conservatives, with their me-first, hypocritical, hate-Everybody attitude", and as you hear his voice, the microphone gets redder and redder and starts to smoke. It was an incendiary commercial that left me stunned for its rabid invective.

Suprised? Of course, since I'm making all of that up. Well, not the existence of a commercial showing a red-hot, smoking mike. The commercial is running, and its for Rush Limbaugh, who bounced from his old local station for for a new home at KTTH, which bills itself as "The Truth" and is the the latest of the red-meat hate-blatherers in the area. And of course, he was whining about the "Liberals, with their hate-America attitude". And it was on the History channel, which most of the gang I know also call the Hitler Channel for its "all-this-and-WWII" programming. And the local feed chose the right show to advertise in - The Barbarians, a wistful look at the heyday of the good old days, when the Strong regularly took stuff from the Weak.

Of course, its OK to pick on Liberals. Its not like trying to run an anti-Bush commercial at the Superbowl. That was nipped in the bud, because, you know, its not like they're selling a product or service. That's permissible. But this is a democracy, so you got two choice here. - like it, or lump it.

"I Have Arrived At The Truth," intones Rush in All Caps.

So have I, Rush. The truth is we have to up your medication again.

More later,