Monday, January 26, 2004

I Question the Candidates

So after writing the last entry, I decided to take matters further. Below is an email I have fired off to the various Washington State campaigns asking about their candidates stand on the Open Primary. I will keep you posted on any/all response I get from them.

Dear General/Congressman/Senator/Governor*

On February 7th, Democrats of Washington State will be holding their caucus for nominee for President. Between then and now, I expect to hear a great deal about your positions and those of the other candidates. However, one issue that may be ignored is your stand on Washington's Open Primary.

Washington State is a rarity in this country in that it holds truly open primaries, where anyone can vote for anyone, regardless of political affiliation. The major political parties, both Democrat and Republican, have sensed the potential for mischief, and challenged the legality of this law, which has been on the books since the 1920's. The 9th Circuit Court has agreed with them, and demanded that Washington State abandon its current open primary. The state is appealing the ruling, and the general feeling of the voting population, regardless of political affiliation, is that this ruling is ill-considered and should be overturned.

What is your position on the Open Primary? Should we abandon it, should the court rule in the favor of the political parties, or should we seek an "Louisiana-style" primary (which a few leaders of the state party have already rejected in advance)?

All politics is local, and your opinion on this local issue is important to me and others in Washington State. I will share your response with others at the caucus and on-line. Thank you for your time and effort in this matter.


Jeff Grubb

*I would have added Dear Reverend, but Sharpton doesn't have an email contact (his website has probably the most beatific campaign photo ever taken.)

More later