Sunday, January 04, 2004


The past week has been weird, in that I've developed this nervous tic over my left eye. Its sort of a fleshy tremor that ripples through the upper eyebrow, and though Kate assures that it's not visible, its definitely detectable by touch and VERY detectable from the inside.

Don't know what's caused it, though it might be stress - its been a very, very hectic holiday season (We put my nephew John Michael on the plane this early this morning, and I'm in final revision on a big piece of work for tomorrow morning). And it might be monitor, TV, or X-Box -oriented, since I've been working contiunally and taking breaks with X-Box games. But the tic actually popped up for the first time when we out in the peninsula, driving on very, very slick roads, and has stayed with me as the cold front moved through here and left everything from Renton southwards to Portland a sheet of ice. Yes, we made it to Canlis last night, and it was a wonderful meal, though it was tough getting off the hill.

More later (twitch, twitch),