Tuesday, January 20, 2004

On the Road Again: Lunch

Tuesdays are always a pain in that our design group has meetings at 11 and at 1, and if the 11 o'clock meeting runs long, we have to grab a bite fast before the 1 o'clock. Its the nature of the bizz, but on this particular day it saw myself and co-worker Staci driving down to the local Baja Fresh with a small time window for a meal.

So we get down there, park in the clearly marked "Compact" space in front, go in, and get lunch, intent on bringing it back to the office. When we get out, there's a humoungus white Caddy parked in the "Compact" space right next to us. Its one of those 1950's gas-guzzlers with the fins and the collector plates, and has this unfinished white matte coat that looks like its a work in progress. Its also at a 15-degree angle off true, so there is no way to easily back out past it. I manage, though, by Staci guiding me, and with about four inches to spare off the Caddy's back bumper. It takes time we don't have, of course, and we spend the trip back to office mocking the UTTER MAROON that would park a car that big, badly, in a compact space. (And to be fair, we also mocked the white SUV that tried to pull into the compact space we had just carefully vacated).

OK, so its one of those clueless bozo driver that you see on the roads every day, and I thought no more of it. Until I got out of work and found the same White Caddy parked (badly) in front of the company building. Aparently the maroon works for Hasbro/WotC (and with my luck, is a brand manager and reads this blog).

Said it before and will say it again - Whotta Maroon.

More later,