Sunday, March 05, 2006

Commercial Messages

We'll be right back with the exciting conclusion of our review of state quarters, but first, this just in:

Former WotC D&D Band Manager Charles Ryan is moving to England with his wife Tammy and two kids. We will definitely miss them (Charles was always the one in Call of Cthulhu adventures to bring along explosives, regardless of the situation, which always proved handy). As a result of the move, Charles is unloading a massive amount of D&D and other gaming memorabilia on Ebay. Big chunks of gaming history are going up on sale. The details are here, and the first phase of the auction starts on Tuesday. Go check it out!

ALSO: Stan of the Stannex is getting some traction in his quest for One Robot Dog. Here's a newspaper article on his adventures so far.

More later,